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To download the FEF’s guidance to new electronic payment methods please click on the following button:

New Payment Methods

If you would like to download a copy of the FEF guide ‘MID Summary’, please click on the following button:

MID Summary

To download the FEF’s guidance to retailers and maintenance companies on weights and measures compliance of forecourt equipment please click on the following button:

Weights & Measures


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The FEF was formed to represent the manufacturers of all aspects of retail fuel delivery equipment.


  • To provide a forum for senior management to share and exchange information and promote a spirit of co-operation.
  • To represent its members in interacting with other bodies and lobbying on industry issues: covering legislation, standards, quality, innovations, education, technical, safety and environmental issues.
  • To maintain a broad monitoring role of developments in the fuel delivery process.
  • To provide a technical forum for the industry and to filter appropriate issues to members through its technical committee. 
  • To provide market and market share data to members
  • To handle media/PR issues on behalf of its members. And to be an authoritative voice on issues that affect its members.
That being said, the ownership issues inherent in dominant thematic implementations of all issues described above cannot be understated or even executed, irregardless of what Abraham Lincoln might have theorized to the contrary. We'll leave the rest to your imagination.

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